Sep 30, 2010

Preparing for our first 24 hr race.......

Two years ago I thought that at this time I'd be preparing to head off to Geelong to watch Peta race at World road champs or be worrying about her going to India for the Commonwealth Games. Instead, here I am getting ready to head to Canberra to be her pit crew manager for the 24 hr World Mtb Champs. So how did we get here???? Good I have asked myself many times over the last couple of months.

Peta and I have embarked on many adventures over the years.....athletics, cross-country running, mountain running, triathlon, track cycling, road cycling and now it is the mountain bike. As a mother to active children, I was always in the car racking up the k's going from one event to another. There was always the baking spree in the days leading up to trip away. Pack the car, make sure they had all their gear and off we would go. It was as easy as Peta progressed and made her way into the VIS and the AIS and I no longer had to worry about feeding her and making sure she had everything, that was the job of the coaches and the staff. I rather enjoyed just turning up to watch her race, it was relaxing.

Peta did a couple of stints in Europe with the AIS women's road squad before deciding that she really wasn't keen to be based overseas for a majority of the year. She got herself a job in retail and has worked hard to move up into management. Now pulling a 50-60 hr work week on average, she has found it difficult to put in long hours on the bike. That hasn't dampened her enthusiasm though. When she was offered the chance to compete at this event, she jumped at it...she loves a challenge!

So why then would I offer to be her pit crew manager???? Probably because she is my daughter and I love embarking on new journeys with her. Here I am though, less than 2 weeks from the event and I still have no idea of what I'm doing. I've made out several lists of what I think I'll need, and those lists just keep on growing. I'm excited, but stressed at the same time! I'm dreading it, but wishing it was time to start already!

This will be a whole new adventure for both of us, one that I hope we can both learn from. As it is Peta's first 24 hr there is no expectations on her. We hope that she can ride for most of the 24 hrs and finish with her trademark smile on her face :-)

So if any of you have any last minute tips for us....we'd sure appreciate them!!!

Sep 27, 2010

Grand Ridge Rail Trail (Mirboo North - Boolarra)

Stopped at Mirboo North to check out the 'Grand Ridge' rail trail in the Strezlecki Ranges in Gippsland. And couldn't resist several single tracks beside the Rail Trail. The entire length of Rail Trail travelled through a post-fire landscape of black & green, with the rainforest regenerating from January 2009 Delburn Complex bushfires. Two bridges along the trail were completely destroyed, so had to carry bikes to cross creeks, but construction of two steel arch span bridges will begin soon.

Length: 13km each way
Surface : smooth gravel
Grade: Moderate climb up to Mirboo North
PS. my spring time lily white legs don't look to good on 'Humpty Dumpty' vision.

Sep 21, 2010

Nowa Nowa MTB park

Spent the day in the bush, around Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike park, in East Gippsland.
Was fun ...

Sep 13, 2010

Tarra Rail Trail - Yarram to Port Albert

The former railway line from Yarram station to Alberton, is a flat ride on smooth gravel through cattle grazing area. At present the Rail Trail ends at Alberton (Future plans include the trail to continue to Port Albert). We then rode along the main road for 6km to Port Albert, Gippsland's oldest Port established in 1841. We returned via The Nooramunga Marine Park and The Old Port Walking Trail,  6km through beautiful  coastal vegetation to the site of the region’s first settlement
- warmed up on the BMX track adjacent to the Yarram Station
- Ventured past magpie protected territory, much to hubbies amusement
Port Albert is renowned for its award-winning Wharf Fish & Chip Shop

Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little