Jul 7, 2010

Forward speed + front wheel stop = over the bars (Boob plant)

   First spin out in the bush on the new beast ...yep... over the handlebars. I didn't seem to be going fast enough but apparently I hadn't exerted enough arms and legs force to stop the forward momentum that carried me over the handlebars ending in what I call a Boob plant.
   Practiced moving back my weight (of which there is a lot, let's just say a wee bit heavier than the bike) and learnt to clip and unclip the pedals and mastered the art of jumping the kerb.
   All this should assist me in avoiding any more nasty accidents ...lol .... I did manage to stay upright on my first night ride (need better lights before I go out on the trails in the dark though)  

Been picking up a lot of pointers from Jess & Norm Douglas at MTB skills.Com

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Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little