Jul 5, 2010

Sunday Mountain Bike time,

....for that I need a MTB (I won't dispose of the hybrid but it will stay in the shed for a while). Daughter Peta had suggested I check out moronis bikes. So with the chance to catch up with her, we headed off to Bendigo. Looked at a few bikes, but couldn't pass up a  merida Matts xc (son's name is Matt so that had to be a good omen) for a great deal. Bike came with clip-in pedals & hubby convinced me to get MTB cleat shoes. I wasn't comfortable with dual sided clip-in pedals, but moronis bikes staff recommended I try a safer pedal with clip in on one side and flat on the other, they felt great & much easier to get in & out of. If you watch the new bike video, yes I did say I would do a 6 hour (husband wife catagory) but I will have to do a little more MTB'ing before that challenge.

Thanks to the staff at Moronis Bikes for great service.

- a six hour round trip to moronis bikes is worth it
- turn suspension off  for uphill & on for downhill terrain.

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Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little