Aug 8, 2010

Holey Hill Fire Lookout loop

a fire lookout tower implies one thing ..... uphell.
We took the MTB out to Holey Plains State Park (near Rosedale,Victoria) & rode from Harrier Swamp camp grounds to Holey Hill (the highest point in the park at 218m). We chucked in a lap of a pine plantation on the way for good measure. The 17km (10.5mi) ride to the lookout was over mostly smooth sandy gravel tracks & included 356m (1170 ft) of climbing over undulating terrain. We did manage to access a view from the lower rungs of the tower.

note- Named Holey Plain because of the numerous yabby holes in the lower land

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Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little