Apr 18, 2011

section of Dandenong Creek Trail

Nothing more relaxing than cycling along beside water. As work took me to Melbourne on the weekend, I planned a bike ride along the Bay trail, but I must say if you're not riding solo, the fun of conversation is reduced by weekend crowds. Hence, I wasn't disappointed when we decided to investigate the Dandenong Creek Trail, with overcrowding not being an issue, it was a most enjoyable relaxing flat ride.

Distance- 27km Carrum to Dandenong (and return)
Surface- mostly smooth Gravel
song title on video- 'Here She Comes' by Skipping Girl Vinegar
 (band named after my childhood love a Vinegar Sign with neon animated Skipping Girl)

1 comment:

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Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little