Jul 26, 2010

Little River

Cold water was not enough to deter a planned ride along some creek crossing trails. Middle creek is a small stream that runs beside Upper Middle Creek Road (Yinnar South Vic) & we peacefully meandered through the bush & open countryside. Several trails enter from the road & we found six creek crossings. I found it difficult to ride the crossings due to slippery rocky/gravel river bed, so I mostly walked through  & got wet, although I did almost make it across on one attempt, just wetting my big toe. (I also ended up sitting in the creek on another, and yes it was cold).  Creek apparently contains eels and spiny freshwater crayfish, so I wasn’t to keen to spend too much time in the water. Also headed up to a forest Plantation & logging coupes with great views of Strezlecki ranges, couldn’t enjoy the damp, slippery & steep single trail back down but really enjoyed the Creek Crossings.

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Bike adjustments since last ride

- lowered seat a little
- shoe cleats back a little