Jul 21, 2010

Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail (Thomson to Erica 9km)

Erica was once the highest stop on the Moe to Walhalla narrow gauge railway (given a choice I like to  start with an uphill battle and enjoy downhill return) so we started from Thomson Station near Thomson River Bridge, 4km before the historic Walhalla Township.

Thomson to Erica Rail Trail (line opened in 1910)
    Distance : 9km
    Surface: gravel, earth,
    Gradient: Moderate uphill and downhill riding

Access to Rail Trail at Thomson  is via a narrow side track at the end of  the Station yard.300m along trail there is a goat track around half dismantled old trestle bridge frame (this track can be very slippery after rain).  The rail trail follows Thomson River on a continuous climb through heavily mountainous terrain. At Cooper’s Creek bridge we headed down a Steep decent to the river to see the Horseshoe Tunnel outlet (man made diversion blasted through sheer rock face used for gold extraction) Then rode along some single trail and dry riverbed around to see the tunnel inlet. Back on the rail trail we travelled under Coopers Creek bridge, passed a local walking group at Platina platform site, and continued to climb around and up to main road crossing, then downhill through deep cuttings to  Jacobs Creek and up to finish at Erica station site (next to caravan park)
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  1. great ride.some years ago I walked all of this rail trail,including to the northern entrance of the river diversion tunnel and also from Erica to Watson.Dave B.


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